ScratchMania – 7 Euro welcome bonus | Scratch cards and Slot machines

ScratchMania has many new and unique scratch games to offer that you won’t find at most other online casino’s. Besides ScratchMania’s online scratch cards this is the place to be for excellent slot machines as well.

At the moment ScratchMania offers over 80 different games to choose from. Enough to keep your awesome gaming experience going quite a while!

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7 Euro welcome bonus at

At ScratchMania your bonus as a new player is no less than 7 Euros, without having to make any kind of deposit. All that’s needed to benefit is a registered account – no money transfer required. The only condition is that you’ve never played at ScratchMania before. After having completed your registration your bonus will be available to you immediately.

The lowest possible bet is 10 cents, so this bonus can keep your great gaming experience going for quite a while!

Double your initial deposit

Besides the free 7 Euro credit we offer, doubles your first deposit, if you decide to keep playing after your free 7 Euros. Just because we can. This works as follows:

  • When depositing 10 Euros, your credit will be 20 Euros
  • When depositing 20 Euros, your credit will be 40 Euros
  • When depositing 100 Euros, your credit will be 200 Euros

Your deposit can be doubled to a maximum of 200 Euros. Remember, you will only be eligible to receive this bonus on your very first deposit, so make sure to get the best possible return!

Save points, receive surprise bonuses, and more…

For every game you play at ScratchMania you receive points – both playing with any bonus money and with money you’ve deposited. These points can be swapped for instant cash, for bonuses, and more. The longer you play, the more your points will be worth. For every 10 Euros you play, you will receive 1 point.

In addition, every week several ScratchMania players will be selected to receive ScratchMania Surprise Bonuses. The more you play, the higher the chance you’re one of the lucky ones. If you choose to pay by paysafecard or Moneybookers, you will receive 15% extra.

Methods of payment

At ScratchMania pay using any common methods, such as a credit card or online payment cards like paysafecard, uKash or Skrill. It is also possible to pay by regular bank transfer but this will likely take some days to complete. Any of the former options is therefore both easier and faster.

ScratchMania’s reliability

ScratchMania is part of Donateu Ltd., registered in EU-Member Cyprus. Our helpdesk is available to you via live-chat, e-mail, or you can opt to have one of our employees call you.

ScratchMania keeps a record of your transactions and the games you have played and this is available to you at any time. Therefore, each game can be reviewed to see exactly how it went.

Payment of your winnings will be completed in between 3 and 12 days, depending on your chosen method of transfer.

Fair game

Each game is unique and coded by ScratchMania’s systems. With the implementation of a new series there is a 3:1 chance of winning a prize on every scratch card of every game. All winning card numbers are registered ahead of time, and each time you play our Random Number Generator will assign your game. Because it is impossible to choose a number in your game, it is also impossible to pick a winning card, even if the player has foreknowledge of the winning card numbers.

Curious about ScratchMania?

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