Play Bejeweled — win €100,000!

Bejeweled is one of the most popular casual games on the internet. There are many versions to choose from.

You can play Bejeweled for fun or play to win money prices! There is even a version whit a grand prize of 100,000 euros! In addition, there are many small prizes to win.

Whether you play Bejeweled 1, Bejeweled 2 or Bejeweled 3 doesn’t really matter. The games remain a source of entertainment for young and old.

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Rules of the game

The goal of the game is to get 3, 4 or 5 diamonds of the same kind in a row. If you manage to do this, the diamonds will disappear and you will score points. The diamonds that were above the disappeared diamonds will fall down and can then immediately form a winning line again so you score even more points.

In order to win money with this version of Bejeweled, you have to indicate beforehand where you think the diamonds will disappear. Simple, isn’t it? You can indicate multiple places per game and win in multiple places.

Bejeweled games on mobile and tablet

Can’t get enough of playing Bejeweled but don’t feel like sitting behind your PC or laptop anymore? Don’t worry, the game is suitable for mobile devices, so you can play from the comfort of your couch or even on the way if you have to wait awhile somewhere.

Play for free

There are many sites where you can play this game for free. for instance. If you choose the option ‘Play for fun’ you can play right away. But, if you win something in a Play for fun game it will of course not be paid out.

Play for free (and win real money)

It is possible to play Bejeweled for free, and still win real money!

If you sign up now to play at Karamba you will receive €5,- completely free welcome bonus. You don’t have to deposit any money here, but you are playing for real money, so you can win real money.