Looking for a Simple Casino Game? Try Keno

Keno is a number guessing game that is not dissimilar to a lottery. It’s easy to play, requires no skill at all, and has become quite popular at online casinos. The fact that so many players enjoy Keno is possibly a little surprising because it generally has a higher edge than any other game in the casino. In fact, the house edge can be 25% or more. However, Keno jackpots can be sizable, so perhaps the games popularity is not so hard to understand after all.

The Origin of Keno

Nobody is sure when or where the game was created, but it is believed to have its roots in China,  and there is an old legend that states the widespread popularity of Keno helped the emperor raise the funds required to build the Great Wall of China.

How to Play Keno

Players begin by choosing numbers from a card that lists numbers from 1 to 80. It’s up to individual players to decide how many number they wish to bet upon, and the limitations can vary from one casino to the next, but generally speaking it is possible to play Keno with just one number or up to a maximum of 20.

After the selection has been made the next step is to choose an amount to wager. The rules regarding wagering can also vary but a $5 minimum and $10 maximum is not uncommon.

The next thing to do is press “Play One” or “Play Five”. This will start the draw. When players press “Play One” their chosen numbers will be entered into a single draw only. When “Play Five” is selected the numbers and bets will by used in five consecutive games and this will, of course, be five times as expensive.

Is there a System for Keno?

Despite the fact that many online marketers are busy trying to peddle systems that promise to make it easier to win big with Keno, it’s a game of chance, nothing more. There is no way to improve the odds. If any of these people had really developed a system that allowed them to beat the odds at Keno, do you think they would waste their time trying to sell it on? Of course not, they would be too busy cashing in their winnings and would be making so much money there would be no need for them to supplement their incomes by passing on the secret.

The Bottom Line

Keno is an easy game to play and, although the odds of winning are slim, the prizes are so generous it has become a very popular game. If a player enjoys Keno, that is reason enough to play and, as with any game, there is always the chance of a big win. The real Keno losers are likely to be the people who fall for the clever marketing spiel used to sell Keno get rich quick schemes because, apart from investing their money unwisely,  they may also discover the disappointment has ruined their enjoyment of the game.