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Starburst is one of the most popular games from NetEnt, the maker of many online casino games.

The game is an online slot game, but it doesn’t look like a traditional slot. You play the Starburst slot on 5 reels and 3 rows and the win rows run from right to left as well as from left to right. The player decides how many Starburst slot rows to play (1 to 10) and how much to bet (€0.01 to €1).

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The rules of Starburst

This five-reel, three row slot has several exciting features including Win Both Ways and the expanding Starburst Wild. The outcome of this game is always changing with each spin as there are so many different combinations that can be found on any given reel at anytime!

The Starburst slot is a high-energy, fast paced game with many fun features. It’s sure to be memorable and it has the potential for some big wins… or should we say ‘astronomical wins’?

The thrill of winning is unmatched. Arcade-style light effects follow the wins, and the Big Win presentation is great: flashes of light, flashing text, exciting sounds – it’s a thrill like no other.

Things you need to know before beginning the game

Before you start playing on a Starburst slot machine, first decide how much money you want to bet. Choose “max bet” to go straight to the highest option available.

Starburst’s symbols are beautiful gems, each with their own color and shape. There are five in total and two more high value symbols: the lucky number seven and the Gold BAR.

Gold BARs are the highest paying symbol in the game and if you get five of these symbols on a line, you win a lot of money!

To play Starburst properly, you need to know the rules of the game. Fortunately, these are not complicated.

You start a new Starburst round by pressing the spin button, but first you need to decide on what settings you want to play with.

It’s time to take a look at the buttons in this game and what they do.

The following buttons are important to the game:

  •        Spin Button
  •        Max Bet
  •        Autoplay
  •        Lines
  •        Level
  •        Coin Value

How to play Starburst in an online casino

Spin Button

The spin button is the big button in the middle of the screen, with which you start the game. The field below the spin button shows you how much money you have (cash), how much money you are betting and how much money you have won (win).


Feeling lucky? With the MAX BET button you can set the game to maximum in one go. Then you can play the game on 10 lines and on level 10 for the coin value you’ve set. (See below.)


Autoplay is for the lazy player. When you press autoplay, you can choose how many rounds you want to play in a row, after which the game will automatically play the number of rounds specified. This means no need to click on the spin button between rounds.

Coin value

With the coin value buttons you can set the value of your bet, you can choose a value between €0.01 and €1. The height of your profit is also determined by the height of your bet.


With the Lines button you can set on how many lines you play. Minimum 1, maximum 10. You can also click on the numbers on both sides of the game to select lines.


With the level button you can set the amount of coins you want to bet per payline. The amount of coins you play with will affect your winnings.


The payout table button is not used for the game settings, but to see how much profit the various Starburst combinations yield. The payout values shown here are multiplied by the level you have set.


By clicking on the settings button, you can set all kinds of things like sound and animation.

The Starburst Wild symbol

The Starburst Wild symbol is a joker. It can be found on lines 2, 3 and 4.

Once you have found a Starburst Wild, you enter the Starburst Wild mode. This wil give you bonus spins.

All symbols on the reel on which the wild has appeared will now change into Wild symbols and the reel will remain in place while the other reels begin to spin again.

So now you have one reel with all jokers, which greatly increases your chances of winning.

If you get another Wild symbol during the re-spin, it will also remain in place and there will be another re-spin. You can get a maximum of two extra Wild symbols and three re-spins.

Where to play? (200 free spins)

There is no dedicated Starburst casino. Starburst is a popular game that can be played at multiple online casinos. The advantage of this is that you can enjoy the deposit bonus or deposit free spins for new players at several online casinos!

We’ve selected a few of our top picks for you below:

Starburst Touch

If you want to play Starburst on a phone or tablet, NetEnt (the game’s creators) has created a special version of Starburst for mobile devices: it’s called Starburst Touch.

The game rules are the same, so even if you play on your iPhone, iPad or Samsung phone you can enjoy the game as usual.

Of course, the controls are a little different as the game adapts to your smaller screen, but they’re all very straightforward.

Playing Starburst on your mobile is actually just as fun and easy as playing it on a computer or laptop.

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